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Dance Hall To-Go

Over the past few years, we have all faced layers of trauma and the stress of social isolation. These difficulties have been especially felt within our city’s senior care facilities that had to restrict visits by family and friends due to COVID-19. Facility staff worked hard to keep their residents safe and to keep their lives as vibrant as possible. As the pandemic loosened its grip, Public Art Saint Paul brought JOY to our seniors through a spectacle of light and music.

City Artist Aaron Dysart developed a new project to bring joy to seniors —Dance Hall To-Go!  Artist Dysart explained, “I have used disco balls in several of my past art projects that I created as an independent artist. Now, I am bringing this joyful object to seniors in St. Paul. With a rig to hold a disco ball and lights in the back of my pickup truck, I am going on the road with Dance Hall To Go!”

This traveling light show only needed song requests from the seniors, and then the party can roll up at sunset with lights dancing and music pumping! The mobile dance hall turned the buildings and surrounding neighborhood into a dazzling display.

Thank you to Aaron Dysart and the care facilities who welcomed our rolling disco ball and sought the light during dark times.