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What We Do

Mears, Kellogg Mall Park, and Western Sculpture Parks. James Carpenter’s elegant band shell on Raspberry Island. The sublime Meditation by master sculptor Lei Yixin in Phalen Park. More than 1000 poems stamped into Saint Paul sidewalks and dozens of stop sign posts that have morphed into leafy plant stalks…this is Public Art Saint Paul.

So are temporal events that continue to reverberate, including Wing Young Huie’s 2010 University Avenue Project, a monumental 6-mile long public exhibition of photographs of life along that major artery before construction of the Green Line light rail, and Seitu Jones’s CREATE: The Community Meal, a six-block long table where 2,000 people convened to share food stories and ideas for healthy food access.

Public Art Saint Paul places artists in leading roles in our community to help shape public spaces, improve city systems, and deepen civic engagement. These artists bring to the table bold and creative leadership, new ways of solving problems, and a focus on a more inclusive, sustainable civic life.

View a full archive of our projects here.