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For more than 160 years, the City of Saint Paul has written its own history alongside the Mighty Mississippi, its natural beauty and scenic vistas punctuated by the painstaking work of artisans who built the city’s famous landmarks. The legacy of Minnesota’s capital city – the confluence of commerce and splendor, artistry and industry – is rooted in its history, and public art is a critical part of that legacy because it tells the stories of the people and places that matter to all of us.

Since 1987, Public Art Saint Paul has been honored to play a critical role in creating and maintaining that legacy by bringing artists together with communities. The result is a public sphere that fosters imagination, explores civic values and the community’s evolving history, and strengthens public places as vessels of public life. Public Art Saint Paul artists have shaped the parks, streetscapes, bridges, and structures of Minnesota’s capital city, created artworks for public buildings and open spaces, and produced temporary art installations and public art events. Public Art Saint Paul also advocates for and supports artists who collaborate in the planning and design of public places and structures, while engaging young people in awareness and stewardship of public places and art through educational programming. Led by Public Art Saint Paul, its generous supporters and the entire artist community, contributions to the spirit and practice of public art are a monumental part of what makes Saint Paul a beautiful place to live, work and create.

Public Art Saint Paul’s Mission Statement


Public Art Saint Paul makes St. Paul a better city by placing artists in leading roles to shape public spaces, improve city systems, and deepen civic engagement.


Through daring leadership, we will champion innovative public art practice, imagining and creating with artists, civic leaders, and our neighbors a 21st century city that is just, sustainable, and beautiful.


Boldness: We are daring in challenging the status quo and in providing bold and creative leadership.
Equity: We value Accessibility and inclusiveness and are committed to fostering a just and Beloved Community.
Beauty: We value quality, excellence, and extraordinarily strong and impactful art.
Joy: We bring fun, celebration, and play into city life and into the way we work together.
Stewardship: We take seriously our responsibility for the art we produce, restore, and maintain; our organization’s financial health; and the stewardship of donor and partner relationships.



From 1st row up and from left to right:
Edward F. Fox / Christine Podas-Larson (Honorary Emeritus) / Joan Palm / Heather Peterson
Peter Kramer / Ahmed Tharwat / Tom Eggum (Honorary Emeritus) / Pierce Canser (Chair)
Emmy Treichel (Honorary Emeritus) / Susan David Price / Nick Fox / Andrea Stimmel
Bernie Bullert / Toni Carter (Ex-Officio)
Rich Lallier / Bob Bierscheid / Bob Muschewske

Not pictured: Colleen Sheehy (President and Executive Director) / Nancy Apfelbacher / Christine Dennis / Laura Wertheim Joseph / Marilyn Porter /  Kay A. Thomas / Yamy Vang / Mayor Chris Coleman (Ex-Officio)


Public Art Saint Paul’s work is nurtured and sustained by our synergistically related programs.  City Artists participate in shaping a vision for the urban future; they create and curate system-based works of City Art.   Within our Creative Grounds, mid-career artists explore social and environmental conditions, build collaborative cohorts, revitalize urban spaces, and create work that fosters the well-being of our beloved community.  Our stewardship of art in the public sphere honors Saint Paul’s history of public art, fosters engagement, and illuminates the meaning of art in our everyday lives.

Get Involved

Volunteer! Our work is made possible with the generous support of our volunteer corps — over 500 people who assist in program production and community outreach; host neighborhood meals in their homes and serve as stewards of public artworks; and participate in program planning and review. We will match your interests and availability to our needs to accomplish great things together!

Contact us at 651-290-0921 or email pasp@publicartstpaul.org with any questions!