Artist Resource for Immediate Response to COVID19

Emergency Funds and Opportunities

Public Art Saint Paul is committed to supporting artists during this global health effort in response to COVID19. Artists are critical to the thriving and vibrant life of our communities. It is during times like this that artists provide inspiration to our communities. Because arts events are being canceled or postponed to create social distancing and flatten the curve, artists’ incomes are being canceled and postponed as well. We have accumulated this list of resources that include immediate response funds. We focus on resources available locally as well as nationally. We also acknowledge that applying for immediate response funds is not a perfect answer to this need. Please also consider paying artists for canceled programs, if possible, purchasing artwork from them, or sending them a donation.

  • START HERE – These lists are the most expansive.

    • Covid 19 Freelance artist resource – this a crowdsourced resource list that has emergency funds, learning tools, digital support webinars, mental health resources and more. Resources for all mediums including visual art, sculpture, paint, writing, creative writing, nonfiction, actors, performance and more.
    •  Click here for another great list of fund resources for immediate support for artists in response to COVID19.




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