• Mel Chin Returns to Saint Paul

    The distinguished and inspiring Mel Chin returned to St. Paul in October for Public Art Saint Paul’s visiting artist series.

  • Public Art 30.0

    We’re celebrating our 30th anniversary with 30 facts about Public Art Saint Paul—some serious, some not, some downright fun. Check back often.

  • From the Executive Director

    Colleen Sheehy shares plans for PASP’s 30th anniversary, from public art birthday parties throughout the City to a special event with the internationally renowned Mel Chin.

  • Groundwork for the Future

    Many Public Art Saint Paul programs take long lead times before a place, artwork, or event materializes in public. Making “slow art” requires patient building of relationships, teams, knowledge, designs, and support to realize an idea and make it part of city life. We are happy to share these backstories on three exciting projects now…

  • Profile of Sieng Lee, Artist Intern

    I met up with Public Art Saint Paul Intern Sieng Lee at Hmongtown Marketplace to talk about what he’s been working on. Located at the intersection of Marion Street and Como Avenue in Frogtown, the market is a central hub for two of Sieng’s projects and for the Twin Cities Hmong community. Owned by Toua…

  • Public Art for Bees and People

    Going back nearly 3,000 years, humans have intimately engaged with a well-known pollinator, Apis mellifera. Urban beekeepers in ancient Greece, Israel, and China originally kept them to harvest their sweet honey, using clay hives, straw skeps, and wooden boxes as homes for their precious friends. Today, while urban beekeeping is in resurgence, I imagine our…

  • Aaron Dysart as new City Artist

    5 QUESTIONS WITH OUR NEW CITY ARTIST, AARON DYSART We are thrilled to announce Aaron Dysart as our new City Artist! He brings 14 years of experience in visual art focused on environmental preservation, civic engagement, and exposing and simplifying hidden infrastructure and systems. His years-long connection with Public Art Saint Paul dates back to…

  • 2015-16 Sidewalk Poetry Winners Announced!

    2015-2016 SIDEWALK POETRY CONTEST   Congratulations to this year’s 8 winners and 5 honorable mentions! The panelists were: Heid Erdrich, J. Otis Powell!, Paige Riehl, Saymoukda Vongsay, and Marcus Young. We thank everyone who submitted. Thank you for supporting Everyday Poems for City Sidewalk, a work of art that turns our fair city into a…

  • CREATE : One Year Later

    Post by CREATE Artist Seitu Jones With today’s beautiful sunrise over St. Paul, I reflect on this date and time last year and remember how beautiful the sunrise was last year on September 14. I also remember how I felt as I began that day after spending two years developing, CREATE: The Community Meal, a…

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